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Signatures for Getting Stephenie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke, and The Twilight Caston Oprah

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1 TracieMorgan  
2 DeanaBarnhart I wouldn't miss this for anything!!!
3 HanaL  
4 JenMoser  
5 DawnHarris TWILIGHT MOMS RULE. Stephenie Meyer needs to be on OPRAH and I NEED A TICKET TO THE SHOW!!!
6 LisaHoran It would be fantastic to have Stephenie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke and the cast of the upcoming Twilight Movie. TwilightMoms.com is a fansite for mature fans of the series. How great would it be if you included us in the audience. :-) Lisa
7 julianeff  
8 KelliReed I would love nothing more than to see Stephenie and the cast of Twilight on Oprah!!
9 TerrieWilson let's get Stephanie & the gang on Oprah!
10 MarieGraham Please, please pleeeeaaasssseeee have the cast on your show. You ratings will sky rocket. I PROMISE!!! Thank you Marie -TwilightMoms