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Signatures for Getting Stephenie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke, and The Twilight Caston Oprah

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31 AliHalbmaier Stephenie Rocks! Oprah, you seriously need to get this woman on your show!!
32 MartinaMitova  
33 stacywoychak Twilight is the next BIG thing! This pheonomenon is so WORTH having on the biggest most popular show ever..OPRAH!
34 jennyc  
35 BrenIwakura I support this idea!
36 MarianneLundberg  
37 kamigreene  
38 PamJardine If you think all the fans are young, you forgot me! I am soon to be 65 y.o.! Love the books! Can't wait for the movie!
39 LorriJones I want them on the show, or any other show for that matter, soo bad!!
40 JessicaWalsh GO TWILIGHT!!!!!